• Garth Schmeck

So others may paddle

One of our greatest joys is helping people become paddlers. Meet one of our newest customers Ed Urbanski. Ed’s specialty is antique coffee grinders with a love of coffee roasting. One of his newest dreams was, to become a safe and confident Sea Kayaker, so Ed sought us out. Starting with a great sense of purpose, Ed did his research on the proper kayak and gear, then ran his wishes by us for an expert opinion. After careful consideration we helped him with a targeted purchase of his new freedom machine, an Eddyline Sitka XT. This kayak is one of the best purchases a big guy with lots of plans could make. Armed with a boat, PFD, paddle and (soon coming) drysuit, Ed will be a force to be reckoned with on the beautiful waters of the Olympic Peninsula!

This is exactly why we do what we do... we love to help dreams come true. We love to see new paddlers grow in confidence and skill. We love to see how these experiences change people and their perceptions. Look for more journeys, like Ed’s, in the months and years to come and you‘ll understand why we find purpose and a personal calling in the motto, “so others may paddle.”

If you want to hate the world, watch the news. If you want to love the land, ride a bicycle across it. If you want to love the ocean, lakes and rivers, become a paddler.

Garth Schmeck - Adventurer


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