• Garth Schmeck

Rock gardens and sea caves

Some places are very special. Beautiful cliffs along the shore with rock gardens and sea caves are some of my most favorite. Every now and then I find new shoreline that I haven’t explored yet. That’s not hard, considering how much shoreline we have on this earth, but when it’s in your own backyard, now that’s a find indeed!

Living on the Olympic Peninsula is a great place if you enjoy paddling. I try to spend fair amounts of time on the water each week and most of my Mondays are spent combing either fresh or salt water within an hour of home. This week I shoved off in search of my favorite kind of water... rough water. Instead what I found was amazing water, dare I say, perfect water! After hours of paddling in sea caves, running chutes and a few overfalls, I stopped for a long snack and paddled home knowing that I had just found one of my “new” favorite places on the earth. (I have many so I can’t really give it a ranking)

Expect many photos and videos from this wonderful play spot in the future!

Garth 😊

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